Thunderbird Model Railroad Club Annual Dinner

October 3, 2015

The Macayo's Mexican Kitchen on Central in Phoenix, Arizona was once again headquarters for the Club's Annual Dinner where we thank our spouses for letting us play with trains and to celebrate the end of the fiscal year. Many were able to attend this year and special guests Jack and Donna Baer, owners of Litchfield Station in Avondale, AZ  joined in to help our mission of fostering social interaction and building friendships. Highlights at this years dinner, besides the food, conversation, and a look at the year in review, included the comedy of new club president Mike Sanders, and a vocal performance by Matthew McInerny. Enjoy the pictures, remember the fun we had and perhaps consider joining us so next year you might be center stage.

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Chips, salsa, good conversation and fine Mexican food That's the way to enjoy a Saturday evening.  Club members share some laughs and thoughts during the annual dinner.











Check out the great looking couples and single guys that showed up at this years dinner.  Sorry guys but the real beauty of the club is brought out when our wives join us in celebration and fellowship.











The Annual Dinner marks the changing of the guard, a presentation of the Year in Review and Door Prizes for our wives. We had some fun with comedian Mike Sanders and vocalist Matthew McInerny.

As always we send a special Thank You to the wives of the Thunderbird Model Railroad Club
that tolerate our shenanigans throughout the year.