Club Officers

Thunderbird Model Railroad Club Leadership
September 28, 2021 - September 25, 2022


Ken Rhoads


                               Vice President                                       Secretary/Treasurer


                                    Joe Droit                                                   Rich Gregory               




   Director 1                      Director 2                      Director 3                           Director 4     

Bob McCall(1 yr)            DeWayne Koltin(1 yr)     David Greenberg(2 yrs)   Mike Sanders(2yrs)                                          (Assuming role due to

                                        Matt McInerney moving)          

Additional members of the Board of Directors:

                                       Past President                Layout Chairman             Social Chairman

                                        Don Stewart                    Paul Young                          Paul Young

Officer Profiles

Ken Rhoads: A member since March 1983. Ken has been in the club for 38years and 7 months and has been awarded the Copper Spike Award for his service to the club. He has been President 3 terms, VP 2 terms. He enjoy running Santa Fe.

 Joe Droit: A member since January 2017. Joe has served as Social Chairman and this is his the first time as Vice President.  He began model railroading about the age of 8 when his Dad bought him a Santa Fe locomotive and cars. The interesting model trains soared. Joe currently models the New York New Haven & Hartford Railroad and Norfolk Southern. Joe enjoys scratchbuilding and detailing passenger cars.

Bob McCall:

DeWayne Koltin:

David Greenberg:  A member of the Thunderbird Model Railroad Club since June 1990. He was the first Youth Affiliate member of the club. David is currently serving as Director for the 3 time. He is also the Layout Chairman.

David models in both HO & HOn3. His favorite railroads are in order that he models are: Santa Fe, Illinois Terminal, Norfolk Southern. David has his own private railroad called the Decatur Terminal. David intents to bring back the Mogollon & Western narrow gauge railroad to the club.

Mike Sanders: A member of the Thunderbird Model Railroad Club since May 1982. Mike is serving as Director this term. He is a skilled painter and photographer, Mike has transformed much of the plain blue backdrops surrounding the layout into highly detailed picturesque murals. Mike has been involved in model railroading since an early age and brings over 20 years of experience working with the club layout.